What happens after the "happily ever after?"

Rachel and Daniel Andrews have been through so much together since their marriage. After a car crash and long days of endless pain, Rachel hopes Christmas morning with her new husband will be one she will never forget.

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Returning home doesn't mean you're a failure.

Olivia Bowman gets burned out and is no longer meeting deadlines. She is advised to take a break. Something inside tells her to go home but she feels like if she does, then she has failed on her dreams. Olivia knows that she will be accepted with open arms, but is this the end of her painting career? Will she ever find the inspiration that made her the best in the business?




What if you were told you'd never walk again?

That's a battle Marcus Robertson never thought he'd have to face. After an accident at school that incidentally put him a wheelchair, Marcus struggles to find the strength and the courage to learn to walk again. With very little support from his family, Marcus finds hope and understanding in unexpected places.