Levi must fight for his life while running from childhood demons if he’s to discover the secret of the 14th room.

Tucked between the hills of Granton, Tennessee, lies a mysterious house standing the test of time. Levi Corbin knows only a few of the many secrets hidden inside. Thinking that his claim on the house is in the bag after his grandmother left it to him in her will, he soon discovers that he’s not the only heir. His cousin, Silas, would love to tear the house down and build something more profitable. Before Silas can flatten the house, Levi finds a deep dark secret that could change the course of history forever. He reaches out to Abigail Wilson, Attorney at law, who warns him of others who would love to get their hands on what he’s found. Levi and Abigail team up just as someone tries to kill him.


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As Levi prepares for the opening of the new Granton museum, he stumbles upon his Grandma Dorothy's diary.

Levi starts reading it and quickly discovers that the Granton house holds more secrets than he could've imagined. Levi wants to unlock the mysteries of the diary, but a dark figure peering in his window tells him that there are others that would like to get their hands on it. Levi decides he must get to the bottom of it and fast. As trust issues threaten to destroy his relationship with Abigail, he knows he has to put the past behind him if he hopes to have the future he dreams about.

Suspicious characters, kidnappings, prison breaks, Levi must solve the mystery of the secret diary and discover the identity of the dark figure before it's too late.

Escape. Murder. Secrets.
Scientist Luke Wilkins has always been one step ahead of Lee, his longtime rival. Luke and his best friend Josh start off on an expedition to Nunavut's territory for an environmental study. All seems well until their plane crashes in the middle of nowhere. As Luke regains consciousness, he discovers that he's being held prisoner by Lee and his men. Luke has something that Lee wants. A ring that has been shrouded in mystery for centuries and Lee will do whatever it takes to get it. Luke fears that he will never see his family or friends again unless he hands it over. Lee will stop at nothing until the ring is his, but would he go as far as murder?



The adventure continues as Luke Wilkins fights to unravel the mysteries of the Viking ring while trying to escape a deadly assassin.

Luke stays with his sister for a few days to investigate the strange events that have happened since he was away. That's where he comes face to face with Brady, a man that has all the answers to the many questions Luke has had about his own past. When his travels take him to the icy shores of Greenland, Brady follows him there and Luke must figure out which side Brady is really on.

Luke wants more than anything to unlock the secrets of the Viking ring, but is he willing to let go of everything he holds close?