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Another Secret Discovered in the Granton House. 

As Levi prepares for the opening of the Granton museum, he stumbles upon a hidden diary that threatens to change everything in Granton, Tennessee. He wants to unlock the mysteries of the diary but soon discovers that he's being stalked. But by who? Word on the street says an FBI agent, an escaped prisoner, and a mobster in town. Levi knows he needs to watch his back and is forced to keep secrets from Abigail to protect her. Deception quickly tears their relationship apart.

Once again, Levi must fight for his life to have a future with the woman he loves.

Suspicious characters, kidnappings, prison breaks, Levi must keep the secret diary from falling into the wrong hands.



The adventure continues as Luke Wilkins fights to unravel the mysteries of the Viking ring while trying to escape a deadly assassin.

Luke stays with his sister for a few days to investigate the strange events that have happened since he was away. That's where he comes face to face with Brady, a man that has all the answers to the many questions Luke has had about his own past.

When his travels take him to the icy shores of Greenland, Brady follows him there and Luke must figure out which side Brady is really on.

Luke wants more than anything to unlock the secrets of the Viking ring, but is he willing to let go of everything he holds close?

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